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Flea market app listing trouble.

Information and communication services
I listed a remote control using a flea market app. I confirmed that it was operating at the time of the listing and it was worked normally. The buyer appeared and I delivered it, but after the item arrived, the buyer contacted me and said the remote control would not work. Although I told the buyer to ask the courier company for a guarantee as a delivery accident, the buyer said it will be returned without approving my request.
When I inquired the flea market app management company, they told me that according to the rules, the seller was to deal with accidents at the time of listing. I want the buyer to purchase it, but what should I do?


A flea market app is an application that allows you to list and purchase things just like a real “flea market.” The exchange of money and merchandise is intervened by the operating company between the seller and the buyer. However, it is still basically a transaction between individuals. Therefore, when there are problems, in principle, the parties concerned must resolve it by themselves.
Read the app rules in advance, take into account the risks in the event of trouble, and carefully use it.