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I haven't received my shoes purchased online!

Clothing / precious metals Mail order
I bought shoes online and transferred the money to a designated personal account. Since the product did not arrive, when I inquired about it to the business by e-mail, I received a reply saying, “We will ship the product and send the tracking number of the courier.” However, since the product has not arrived after that, I sent a cancellation e-mail. However, I did not receive a response. There was no telephone number on the website, and the address was the location of another business. Was it a scam?


Troubling incidents due to prepayment for online shopping are keep occurring one after another. In the case of prepayment, when trouble occurs, it will not be refunded unless the other party responds. Before placing an order, make sure that you have the contact information (especially a phone number) of the business, whether there is a payment method other than prepayment, carefully read the return contract, etc., and confirm that it is a reliable business.