Case Details

I was asked to come to see jewelry. I went and signed a contract. I want to cancel it.

Clothing / precious metals Questionnaire business, catch sales, telemarketing sales
On the street, I was told that it was a "questionnaire about bridal" and entered my age and mobile number. I received a phone call later and was told, “Would you like to see jewelry for young people?” and I went to the office. While explaining the product for 3 hours and being praised that it suits me, I made a credit card payment installment of 48 times and signed a purchase contract. I want to cancel it.


Catch sales can be cooled off within 8 days of receiving the contract document. In addition, prior to solicitation, businesses must inform consumers of the purpose of solicitation and the types of products and services they intend to sell. It is forbidden to solicit saying things that it is not true. If consumers believe and agree with the content, the contract can be canceled.