Case Details

I bought a diet supplement for 100 yen, which turned out to be a subscription!

Food (including healthy food) Mail order
I saw an SNS ad saying, “If you answer the questionnaire, you can buy a diet supplement for 100 yen for the monitor price.” After answering the questionnaire, I clicked “Apply.” I received an order confirmation e-mail from the seller immediately, but it was written “Product price 108 yen and shipping 540 yen, total 648 yen. 14 days for the first time and 30 days after that.” I realized for the first time that there was a shipping fee, and that it was a regular course. There was no mention of shipping or subscription on the application screen.

In the first place, I applied with the idea that I could purchase a supplement for 100 yen. I would not have applied if it was a regular course. There is no connection to the phone number listed on the website. I want to cancel it, including the first order.


Mail order sales are not subject to cooling-off, so any return or cancellation will be subject to the terms and conditions of the business.
However, if there is no explanation about shipping costs or regular purchases as in this case, you may be able to do a cooling-off by sending a cancellation notice to the business using registered mail.

There are many cases where inquiries such as returns and cancellations are difficult to reach the business, even though the phone is immediately connected when placing an order. When buying things online, don't be distracted by the cheap price, but read throughout the advertisements. Also, make sure that you agree to the terms and conditions before making a contract, and that you agree with the order.