Case Details

I signed a new water purifier contract with a company that came to check the water purifier, but I want to cancel it.

Household goods / electric appliances Inspection business, door‐to‐door sales
I was told by a person who visited the house that “I came to check the water purifier.” I thought that the company I purchased the water purifier from came to check it and had the person come into my house. Then, the person took a cup of water from the water purifier, put in the reagent, and said, "It is this dirty” and recommended me to buy a new water purifier. Although I signed a contract because I was surprised, I want to cancel it.


It is a malicious trick that visits people saying, "I came for an inspection,” makes people anxious and sells expensive products using it as an excuse. If it is 8 days of signing the contract, a cooling-off can be done. In addition, even after 8 days, since the purpose of the visit is false, you may be able to cancel it.