Case Details

I registered as a member of an online casino, but want to cancel it.

Education / entertainment Side business business, multi‐level marketing plan
I was recommended by my friend to register for an online casino as I was told, “This can help you make money.” My friend said if I paid 170,000 yen and became an owner member, I would make money. I registered as I was invited, but realized that it was a multi‐level marketing plan. I want to cancel it.


It is very dangerous to sign a contract believing everything the other party says. Make sure that you have enough information and that you receive a document that shows the details of the contract. When you receive a suspicious solicitation, do not sign a contract immediately but consult with your family and Consumer Affairs Center. If there are any suspicious points in the content, firmly refuse it. In the case of multi‐level marketing plans, If it is 20 days of signing the contract, a cooling-off can be done.