Case Details

I found a post on SNS that would give me a concert ticket I had wanted.

Education / entertainment Word of mouth website, mail order
I found a post on SNS stating that “I will give you 3 tickets. Please contact me." I contacted the person by e-mail, purchased a gift card from a major mail order website according to the instructions, and informed the number.
When I asked, "When will the shipment be?,” I received a reply saying, "Please wait for 30 minutes.” However, I wasn’t able to contact the person anymore after that. Was I deceived?


It is very difficult to determine whether or not a person is trustworthy only through exchanges on SNS. Pay special attention if you are asked to pay in advance, such as depositing money in an account or sending cash, or purchasing a gift card and providing a number.

If the gift card has just been issued, you can contact the issuer immediately to make it unusable. However, if it has already been used or if you had sent cash, getting a refund will be difficult.