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When I experienced a trial of a hair removal esthetic, the staff had me sign a contract for an expensive course. I want to cancel it.

Beauty / hygiene / health
I found a store called "hair removal esthetic trial 1000 yen" on my smartphone, made a reservation, and went to the store 4 days ago. When I told them that I wanted to experience a trial as they kept explaining about the course, I was told that the course I was a signing a contract this time was not eligible. When I told that I wanted to think about it after I returned home, I was told, "If you don't sign up today, you won't get a discount.” Can I cancel the contract?


This is a tactic that uses “free trial” and “trial at a cheap price,” making people think it’s a good deal and come to the store, but actually makes people sign a contract for expensive courses. For esthetic salons, it can be subject to cooling-off within 8 days of receiving the contract document.