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Although I applied for a sample, it had turned out to be a subscription. I want to return it.

Beauty / hygiene / health Mail order
I applied for a dietary supplement as a free sample through an SNS advertisement. After that, the supplement arrived. When I checked the details, it was a subscription contract, and the fee had been deducted. I entered my card number when I applied, but I don't remember signing a contract.
I want to return it, but I’m having trouble as I can't get in touch with the business.


As a general rule, in the case of mail order, including online purchases, in principle, you will follow the conditions listed on the return contract. We recommend that you immediately explain to the credit card company the details of the purchase and consult to stop the withdrawal. When purchasing products from advertisements such as SNS, be sure to check the purchase conditions, terms of use, etc. in addition to the name, address, and telephone number of the seller.