Case Details

I signed a contract for expensive photography and esthetics when I was solicited to be a reader model, but I’m suspicious.

Beauty / hygiene / health Catch sales
I was invited, “Would you like to be a reader model?” at downtown. I paid 100,000 yen and signed a contract for a photoshoot. I was told that there will be a photoshoot after 2 weeks, but I want to cancel it because I’m suspicious.


“Catch sales,” which talks to people on the streets and makes them sign contracts for expensive products and services, is regulated by law as “door-to-door sales.” When businesses solicit, they must clearly inform consumers of the purpose of the solicitation. Also, businesses have the obligation to give a contract document to consumers and it is subject to cooling-off if it is within 8 days of receiving the contract document. If it is done with the premise to introducing jobs, the business has an obligation to give a document with the overview listed and the cooling-off period will be 20 days.